Please note: In the summer or overall hot climates, please have your items shipped to either your job or somewhere someone can receive your package. Please don’t leave your BB Skincare package outside for hours in the heat. If your body butter melts and resolidifies, the texture will change and the body butter can become grainy. (think how melted ice cream refreezes. Same concept). I want you to experience the butters in the way I whip them but if it melts, you can stick it in the fridge for a little until it resolidifies and it will still moisturize your skin exactly the same even if it feels different. 

For Nouveau Riche and What You Shea body/hair butters, and BB Face Créme - Store your butters in a cool, dry location for best results. Remember: they contain NO preservatives, so please keep water and moisture out of your butters. When properly cared for, my body butters are shelf stable for at least six months, but I doubt they’ll ever last that long. Trust me, you’ll use them everyday.

For Whipped Soap Soufflé, Green Machine Face Scrub, and Cucumber & Chamomile Clay Cleanser - There are mild preservatives in the soap in anticipation of these products being exposed to water in the course of normal use (duh, it’s soap!). However, water allowed to sit over a long period of time in the jar will break down the bonds in the products and change the texture. For best results, empty any excess water after each use and replace the top.