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Beau Essentials Set

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Hey, Beaus! This one is for you. Men deserve great skin too, and this set makes it easy! You get my most popular products for men to help you develop and maintain a simple routine to keep your skin in top shape with a whipped soap, body butter, toner/aftershave and face scrub. This set is perfect for men with beards too, as both To The Tea Toner and Green Machine helps fight painful ingrown hairs that can pop up after shaving or shaping up your facial hair.

Products Included in the Beau Essentials Set:

Whipped Soap Soufflé - Beau (4oz)
What You Shea or Nouveau Riche Body Butter - Beau (4oz)
To The Tea! Toner & Aftershave - (4oz)
Green Machine Face Scrub (4oz)

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